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New Orleans, rich in history and tradition, is unlike anywhere else in the world, and its coffee is no exception. Within the city, coffee flavored with chicory is a standard practice, and for those of us who visit the city, we are always sure to take some home when we leave. OceanView's Decaf New Orleans Style Chicory Coffee will bring that flavor right to your front door.

The richness of our Colombian coffee is blended with dark velvety French roast and chicory. The blend itself has been decaffeinated, but the added chicory produces a more roasted flavor to the brew. This is a true New Orleans tradition! This coffee has an exceptional roasted flavor and none of that has been lost due to the decaffeinating process. The beans are roasted so that we are certain to bring you that New Orleans Chicory goodness without the caffeine!

Decaf New Orleans Chicory Blend

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