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Professional tasters will recognize this high-quality Decaf Colombia Supremo blend amongst the best in the world. With a full, rich flavor and aroma, the high-quality, large “Supremo” beans are the highest-grade coffee according to rigid Colombian National Standards. For 75 years, the Colombian Coffee Federation (CCF) has been the world's most successful and intensive organization to support Colombian coffee farmers.

Decaf Colombia Supemo La Valle Verde coffee, as with most of the world's great coffees, is released of its acidic agents and impurities by a "washing" process. Prior to roasting, the beans' moisture level is increased, causing the caffeine to rise to the surface. Most all of the caffeine is removed. Never would we let the decaffeination process affect the flavor of our roast or of the brew. We roast our Colombia Supremo to yield a heady aroma, rich flavor, and an excellent balance of acidity and body. Enjoy!

Decaf Columbia Supremo

  • From the Central Valley of Colombia, these wet-processed Arabica beans provide a smoothly balanced body with acidic brightness, filling your cup with rich coffee flavors that are lightly sweet. With excellent balance, this Colombian coffee offers a clean-tasting cup free of defects.

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