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This coffee came from 3 friends, from 3 very similar walks of life. Jordan moved to Atlanta, Georgia with nothing but a singularly purpose of paying off debt. And much like everything else in his life, he's achieved that goal. Jordan was homeless for most of 2019 going into mid 2020.


In 2019 Jordan met DeVaughn, and they became very good friends. They had ambitions and creativity but no resources. Eventually, meeting Dameion, a young man who had a unique perspective on life & a unique skill set to match. Together, they became a wave of Wisdom, Will Power & Intelligence. They became the Ocean Krew. As a team, they conquered all business and personal goals.

Then one day, an idea emerged, followed by an opportunity & an offer came. Tea or Coffee? We wanted to share with Georgia the peace that we all crave. By providing you with a flavorful slow roasted Coffee or an all natural tea blend with a taste as alluring as Megan's Bay. You can have an early morning vacation right before you start your day.

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